TCSMUG Feb 2020 Meeting Notes

We went over 1910 changes last night. Bookmark the next two links and read the third link. Ryan actually figured out how to make CMPivot work last night without the need of the default scope so check his blog on how to do that if you're a big RBAC user.

We also disclosed the next location of MMS in the fall of 2021. If you attended and know the location, keep it on the low down as we still want to have a bit of a surprise at the 2020 welcome reception in May.

Update from Brian Thorp:

Here is the rough script I run before upgrading Office 365. It can easily be put into the Pre-Install section of PSAppDeployment Toolkit which we use heavily.

Also I believe Steve Jesok (?) noted his O365 installs were blowing up, especially when adding or layering on things like Visio or Project – We’ve tracked this down to them being older build numbers than the core O365 package – when it installs it tries to downgrade everything to the required version and completely fails. I have a script I’m working on that is for adding Visio or Project to a machine that has ProPlus – detects it and the version and pulls everything down on the fly at the cost of CM disk space for all of the builds – alternatively just make sure you only deploy matching version numbers.

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August 2016 Meeting Notes

As soon as we get Vintzel's slide deck, we'll post it here. Here are the two queries I showed at during the O365 Readiness part of the session. You can use these in SRS once on 1906 to get data similar to what the Readiness Dashboard shows in the console:

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