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MNSCUG December 2017 Meeting Notes

Thanks to Andy Kreienkamp for taking notes!

Top two reasons businesses have adopted windows 10 quickly:

  1. Security
  2. Recruiting younger employees, actually it was hardware (not finding old stuff for Win7).

Our windows responsibility used to be make a Golden Image and get it out (B&C). But there are always problems. NOW, the responsibility is to build a system that can get you the information you need to fix issues. Windows Analytics.

Upgrade readiness

Upgrade Analytics - go there to set up a test if not already using. This should be getting added to SCCM and Intune down the line

  1. Have people who live on the insider builds
  2. Roll out to a "canary ring" who know what to do and are willing to be a test bed, and raise issues
  3. Roll out to self-select groups, they like new features and will raise up issues.
  4. Roll out to sample of organization--make a representation of the whole organization--hardware and software--can get data from Upgrade Analytics to find this info.
  5. Wide deploy

MS has documentation on all the data that is collected with telemetry. DoD uses telemetry! GDPR compliant. --what is that? There are advantages to leveraging the analytics data!

MS is committed to making sure that any apps that work on windows 10 continue to work on new versions of windows 10. Don't let the vendor say no about newer versions of windows 10. Should be adding to contracts that ISVs should agree to hold to Windows compatibility guidelines


  • Environment lab: Office 365 Powered device lab kit
    • Comes with guides and a hyper-v environment for testing stuff!
  • Client Center for configuration manager (
  • Status Filter Rules to kick off specified actions - powershell scripts when events fire
  • In-Place upgrade TS running a compatibility scan and recording results to registry
  • Use Nested TSes in 1710!
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