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Another App Catalog Fix

We installed the App Catalog today in production and got the dreaded "Cannot connect to the application server" error when opening the catalog.  There are a number of reasons this can happen.  Microsoft has listed...

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CM NAA Peer Perms

Direct from the developer at Microsoft regarding the CM network access account: it does NOT need full permissions to the CM cache folder for Peer Cache. I thought this was the case myself and evidently documentation will...

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When will Microsoft ever get Role Based Access (RBA) working for Automatic Detection Rules (ADRs)? I need to know that a server admin can make use of an ADR to setup his patches and that a workstation admin can't go in...


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How to melt a SUP

We have 3 primary sites under a CAS (bad, but we have no choice with so many clients). Because we also have Nomad, we don't care where clients get assigned. We care only that each site has roughly the same client count...


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