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CM12 R2 Toolkit

I just tweeted a while ago that I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Toolkit for R2 because one of the new tools, the Collection Evaluation Viewer, is something that should really help us keep coleval flowing smoothly. It's rather common for us to find someone has written a bad query collection which slows things down for everyone and this tool is just what we need to pinpoint those bad ones.

After install of the toolkit, I fired up the viewer and connected to one of my primary sites (doesn't matter which since they all do the same thing so I picked the closest). But instead of opening, I got this error:

The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted

So I opened the MMC's Certificate snap-in and connected (Computer account) to the primary site and to my workstation (actually, it's a server I use as a workstation). I exported the primary server's cert out of the Trusted People store and imported it to my workstation's Trusted People store (just use the defaults).

I suppose you could install the toolkit to the primary directly and run it from there, but I like to leave my primary sites alone as much as possible.

Anyway, look at the gold this tool just gave me!



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