What's SUP???

What's SUP???

(Updated: 12/17/2021)  NOTE:  I have made SEVERAL improvements and fixes since this was blogged.  So see below for all of the changes, and enjoy!!!  LATEST version is 5.4.3, and can be downloaded from the link below.

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Network Adapter Teaming in MEMCM (aka 'ConfigMgr') OSD

NetAdapter Teaming in OSD has always challenged me, especially when building out our own servers.   I've always relied on working with just one network adapter throughout the imaging process when building our servers.  Then manually teaming the adapters post imaging.  I've never been able to figure out how to automate this process within imaging thru OSD itself.  And there's not a lot of articles/blogs out there around this area either.  Until here recently I had a 'light bulb' moment... So this how I went about making teaming to work...

NIC Teaming, Network Adapter Teaming in OSD, NIC Teaming in SCCM OSD, NIC Teaming in MEMCM, NIC Teaming in ConfigMgr OSD

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Remotely Enable and Assign Static IPv6 Addresses to a List of Devices

Are you ready for IPv6 and have a need to enable and apply static IPv6 addresses to a list of devices remotely?  We have recently been tasked to do just that on our servers, since we now have our infrastructure and applications ready for IPv6 and can now take full advantage of all the benefits it brings.   But the challenge is, we have close to a hundred servers in our department alone, and I was not about to login to each server and get carpal tunnel from clicking and typing around...  So, I wrote a simple script that would help us, and hopefully it will help others too :).

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Update_ComplianceStatus report inconsistencies on your CAS?

Do you have a CM hierarchy (CAS and Primary site(s)) deployed, and have inconsistencies with update compliance status reporting?   Normally, triggering a "RefreshServerComplanceState" on the troubled endpoints does the trick. (Which by the way, click here if you'd like to see my colleague Sherry Kissinger's awesome blog about making this automated in your environment by making it a CI/Baseline, which has worked great for us.)

DRS, SQL, Patch Reporting, Patch Compliance

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POSH for quickly applying Bandwidth Limitation on SUP Servers

For large organizations, having your CM servers including SUPs at a central location with high bandwidth connection is the optimum design. However, they (SUPs) may sometimes cause network saturation within the remote branches or pockets with low bandwidth connectivity. This happens when clients either move from one site to another (requesting a full scan), or when they fail repeatedly and try to connect to another SUP from the SUP list within your site and perform a full scan.

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