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POSH for quickly applying Bandwidth Limitation on SUP Servers

For large organizations, having your CM servers including SUPs at a central location with high bandwidth connection is the optimum design. However, they (SUPs) may sometimes cause network saturation within the remote branches or pockets with low bandwidth connectivity. This happens when clients either move from one site to another (requesting a full scan), or when they fail repeatedly and try to connect to another SUP from the SUP list within your site and perform a full scan.

The way to safely control this is to leverage QOs within your environment. But if QOs is not available, to quickly get this under control is to temporarily apply bandwidth limitation on your SUPs servers until the full scan jobs are gone. Here's a quick POSH to remotely apply limitation on your WSUS Administration web sites (SUPs).

The default value of maxBandwidth is 4294967295. Here below, i'm setting the SUPs to a really low value, 100k. Play around with that number and see what the acceptible value is for your environment to avoid scan failures at the same time being network friendly at the time of the saturation.

invoke-command -computername (Get-Content "C:\SUPServerList.txt") -scriptblock {Import-module WebAdministration ; Set-ItemProperty 'IIS:\Sites\WSUS Administration' -name limits.maxBandwidth 100000}

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