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When will Microsoft ever get Role Based Access (RBA) working for Automatic Detection Rules (ADRs)? I need to know that a server admin can make use of an ADR to setup his patches and that a workstation admin can't go in and edit the server ADRs. And vice versa.

Well, RBA is there. Already. Right now. At least in CM12 R2 it is. Was it always there? I could swear that when RTM came out, that this wasn't possible. But I verified this works yesterday. What isn't there is the option to right-click an ADR and assign the scope, but that's really not important.

The server admin can see the workstation admin's ADRs, but all the properties are grayed out and no changes can be made. The guts of this (as with all RBA) revolves around the collections each admin has access to. When a server admin creates an ADR which targets his collection that a workstation admin doesn't have access to, RBA kicks in and protects the admin.

So what's not to like about ADRs now?

Well, other than wishing they'd use saved searches instead of filters (which is another DCR submitted long ago) not much. I have just one thing driving me nuts before I let the admins know that they can start using ADRs now. Packages.

You can't make an ADR without filling out the packages prompts in the wizard. I'd have to let these admins also make patch packages on their own. And I can even grant that specific feature in our SUM role. So why could this be bad, especially if our single instance store in the Content Library is saving us space?

Well for one, it isn't saving us space on the source files (and for that I really need to move that share to a dedupe volume). But the other one is that one admin could now download a patch everyone is using and later just go delete it and break a lot of deployments. Sure, I could go fix that by downloading the patch myself quickly, but that could leave clients sitting around for a day before they retry. Maybe I'm over thinking this?


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