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CM12 R2 and SQL14 - Sneak Peek

Does Microsoft support SQL 2014 on ConfigMgr 2012 R2 yet? Nope. But we should get word soon about it and I'm basing that speculation on the fact that I went ahead and tried SQ14 in my lab last week and it works! And a week later and into Patch Week, it's still working.

I simply stopped\disabled CM, ran the SQL14 upgrade over my SQL12CU9 install, rebooted and enabled\started CM. The only issue I ran into is one Steve Thompson blogged about way back for the old 08R2 upgrade to SQL12. Same issue and same easy fix.

Now I'm not saying you should go upgrade yourself unless you like playing in your lab too, but at least this went more smoothly than SQL12 did. So I'm very hopeful we'll get word on support soon.

Now the bad news. The item I had been looking forward to seeing in SQL14 the most is the ability to right click a table and move it into memory. In-Memory tables sound like they'd be amazing for performance. But this feature doesn't look promising for CM12 support. Looking at a few results I can see that Microsoft would have to rewrite a lot of tables before we could make use of this feature.

In-Memory Optimization Advisor
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