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TCSMUG Meeting Notes Feb 2023

20 people signed up and maybe 16 showed. Two attendees won tickets to MMS from Patch My PC which was fun.

Brian spoke on Windows 11 UUP updating. His main concern was the ask to not expire updates for 6 months. That isn't set in stone and you might be OK with 3. Depends how good your patching is. Depends how many people would ever do a repair or feature add from files long ago. Brian's going to keep the 3-month setting for now. 

Deduplication will help the huge UUP file size and count. But CM download packages themselves make use of hard links and that should really mean you get 10GB download, not 50. Windows UI doesn't show size correctly with hard links. Use the SysInternals tool Disk Usage and you'll find the real size of disk used. This is just native PatchDownloader work that has always been part of CM. My entire patch folder shows as 155GB in Windows, but as 50GB with DU.

MSFT is releasing the UUP off cycle is so you can get that 10GB downloaded and out to your DPs then instead of during Patch Tuesday.

Jim O'Niel, our VP, got us dinner from Wildfire which was killer. Thanks Jim!

Matthew Teegarden has notes on SQL optimization here:

OLA’s SQL Maintenance script:  SQL Server Backup, Integrity Check, Index and Statistics Maintenance (

WSUS Maintenance - The Simple Guide to WSUS Maintenance and Optimization in ConfigMgr - Patch My PC

WSUS Maintenance - Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) maintenance guide for Configuration Manager - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Learn

More WSUS Maintenance - Deep Dive Maintaining the WSUS Catalog by Declining Updates for Better Update Scanning - Justin Chalfant's SCCM Guides (

SQL Maintenance Plan - The very best ConfigMgr database maintenance plan in the entire world* – The EmptyGarden

PowerShell script to discover disk allocation size:  Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_Volume | Select-Object Label, BlockSize | Format-Table -Auto

ConfigMgr DB Sizing Calculator:  Tools - Database Sizing Calculator (

Jeff Carreon blog:  TCSMUG - Twin Cities Systems Management User Group - Jeff Carreon

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