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January 2015 Meeting

What a year!  2014 was a good one for MNSCUG and its members.  We held 12 meeting last year with speakers from all over the world*.  We ate some great food and swigged some even finer ales.  There were so many amazing topics and speakers it is going to be a challenging year to top.  There was just one more small thing we managed to accomplish last year, just the best conference of the year; MMS.  If you missed MMS you really missed something special.  Don't make the same mistake twice.


Not been to a meeting for a long time?  Considering the guests that have been coming to MNSCUG over the past year you are missing on out on MMS-quality content that is freely available.  Start the year off right and get back in the habit.  You can get much of the technical content online, but you can never replace the face to face one off meetings that happen at user groups.


We are going to start off 2015 with a round table discussion on the 2nd floor of the MTC.  There no need to go to the 6th floor!  You can go straight to the 2nd floor.  This meeting will be an open forum for anyone to ask any questions to the group about any thing that may be bugging you or of interest to you (with regard to System Center!).  I always find it very helpful to learn how others are dealing with the same challenges.  If there is time remaining we will talk about what we (MNSCUG) have planned for this year and we want some feedback for anything you would like to see.


AGAIN - This meeting is on the 2nd floor this time


If you please fill out this survey, it would be very helpful:


Please register for the SCU telecast on February 4th. See below for more information.


We are currently without a sponsor for this meeting.  If you would be interested in starting off the 2015 MNSCUG sponsorship campaign please let us know! 


Please register to help us gauge food and beer ordering.

Eventbrite - December 2014 MNSCUG Meeting

* U.S. and Northern Europe


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