April 2015 MNSCUG Meeting - OSD DAY!

MNSCUG gold sponsor (and MMS 2015 platinum sponsor) 1E is sponsoring our April 17th 2015 meeting which we're calling OSD Day; bringing the greatest OSD gurus from around the world.

Johan Arwidmark Michael Niehaus
Mike Terril Troy Martin

The MTC is currently full so well meet at CPD (fka Benchmark) instead. With limited seating available, you will want to register as soon as registration opens. Follow #MNSCUG for an announcement of the opening. Doors open at 8:30, sessions start at 9am and go all day.

1E is providing lunch as well as loaning us their 2 finest OSD engineers for the day! If you didn't catch them at Connections or MMS last year, you're in for a treat.

Johan and Niehaus simply need no introduction. The best of the best!

ConfigMgr 2012 OSD Notes

Attached is the slide deck and the refreshMP script that I referenced during the OSD presentation at the October MNSCUG meeting.  This script should be copied the device early in the task sequence and then run after every reboot via run command line and a static path to the vbs file.  This will help avoid problems where the device can't contact the MP/DP after a reboot.  Be aware, an application/package installation that returns a 3010 will reboot the task sequence unless you define it not to in the package/application itself.  Know were your reboots are happening so you can run this script after each reboot.  

Rumor has it if the configuration manager client has the CU2 update installed this reboot issue is a non issue.  Give it a shot and let me know.

Take aways from the presentation - 

  • Know your application exit codes
  • Be prepared to break down the app model if it has reboots
  • Application Model works fine with OSD.
  • Configure appropriate task sequence variables for your environment.
  • Make sure your problems are not external to ConfigMgr.  Networking issues perhaps?
  • Get statistical significance with your builds.  1 successful build is useless.  10 in a row is a good start.

Here are good references for building your OSD Task Sequence - 



I can be reached @FredBainbridge.  Thanks!

OSD Presentation Slidedeck

RefreshDefaultMP Script

December 2014 MNSCUG Meeting

After a wildly successful #MMSMinnesota we will be wasting no time getting back into the swing of things.  We are going to hold a rare December MNSCUG meeting and for very good reason: MVP Mikael Nystrom offered to come speak while he's in town. If you couldn't make it to MMS, you missed out on some great OSD sessions. One of Nystrom's sessions was so popular that we had to run it twice.

Nystrom, aka the Deployment Bunny plans to show us some OSD tips. We are truly honored to be having him join us as he's a premiere speaker and industry expert in OSD. As a Senior Executive Consultant at TrueSec, Mikael is passionate about sharing his extensive experience and methods from the field, verified to work in a real environment.  This is not to be missed.

And to keep with the OSD theme, local Microsoft MVP Nash Phersonwill be doing a presentation on Windows Server Builds with Configuration Manager OSD.  There will be an immense amount of expertise in the room for this meeting.  Bring your questions! 

Coretech will sponsor food and beer (good beer!) and in exchange, Brian Mason will take a couple minutes to show off the Coretech Dashboard.


Please register to help us gauge food and beer ordering.
Eventbrite - December 2014 MNSCUG Meeting

January 2015 Meeting

What a year!  2014 was a good one for MNSCUG and its members.  We held 12 meeting last year with speakers from all over the world*.  We ate some great food and swigged some even finer ales.  There were so many amazing topics and speakers it is going to be a challenging year to top.  There was just one more small thing we managed to accomplish last year, just the best conference of the year; MMS.  If you missed MMS you really missed something special.  Don't make the same mistake twice.


Not been to a meeting for a long time?  Considering the guests that have been coming to MNSCUG over the past year you are missing on out on MMS-quality content that is freely available.  Start the year off right and get back in the habit.  You can get much of the technical content online, but you can never replace the face to face one off meetings that happen at user groups.


We are going to start off 2015 with a round table discussion on the 2nd floorof the MTC.  There no need to go to the 6th floor!  You can go straight to the 2nd floor.  This meeting will be an open forum for anyone to ask any questions to the group about any thing that may be bugging you or of interest to you (with regard to System Center!).  I always find it very helpful to learn how others are dealing with the same challenges.  If there is time remaining we will talk about what we (MNSCUG) have planned for this year and we want some feedback for anything you would like to see.


AGAIN - This meeting is on the 2nd floorthis time


If you please fill out this survey, it would be very helpful:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HPNMMWM


Please register for the SCU telecaston February 4th. See below for more information.


We are currently without a sponsor for this meeting.  If you would be interested in starting off the 2015 MNSCUG sponsorship campaign please let us know! 


Please register to help us gauge food and beer ordering.

Eventbrite - December 2014 MNSCUG Meeting

* U.S. and Northern Europe

Johan Returns to Minneapolis - Best OSD Training Available

Mastering Windows 7 and 8.1 deployment using MDT2013 and Config Mgr 2012 R2 [4 days]

Build a Windows deployment solution using MDT 2013 and SCCM 2012 R2!

Build a real deployment solution using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 (MDT 2013) and System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 (SCCM 2012 R2). The first Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 deployment training where you pick the track to follow during four days!

The primary track is using MDT2013 and ConfigMgr2012 R2 to deploy operating systems, applications, and software updates.

The second, optional track, is how to build a deployment solution based on MDT 2013 Lite Touch. We simply wanted to give you the best possible windows deployment training, no matter if you plan to use ConfigMgr 2012 R2 or not.

Johan Arwidmark, Microsoft MVP in Deployment and the world's foremost expert in the OS deployment sector, developed this lab. Like all our labs, this is unique in that you access the best deployment specialists for four days. Time is set off for real life deployment issues where the instructor discuss and solve problems that you bring to the training. As always we take you for lunch at a nearby restaurant, where the discussions continue. Its almost like free consultancy.

During these four days you will learn how to:

  • Plan and design for ConfigMgr 2012 R2 infrastructure changes
  • Upgrade from ConfigMgr 2007
  • Upgrade from MDT 2010 to MDT 2012/2013
  • Create and deploy applications
  • Configuring Software Updates
  • Create and design reference images
  • Create VB script wrappers for configuration items and applications
  • Configure Security baselines for the Windows 7 & 8.1 image
  • Master the driver injection features for os deployment
  • Integrate MDT 2013 with ConfigMgr 2012 R2
  • Extend OS deployment in ConfigMgr 2012 R2, with scripts, frontends, databases and web services.
  • Configuring offline media
  • Troubleshoot MDT 2013 and ConfigMgr 2012 R2
  • Troubleshoot your Windows deployments
  • Bending the rules, understanding and customizing the rules (customsettings.ini)
  • Enbale Dynamic Deployments and much more!

Now updated to cover TPM, BitLocker, Orchestrator RunBooks etc.

October 2014 Meeting Notes

Mikael Nystrom made a last minute arrival to Minnesota and so we had a December meeting.  The attendance was outstanding.  Thank you to Coretech for food and drink.  Thanks to Nash Pherson for closing the night out with some server OSD.  (Sorry I missed it so no notes)

Anyone wanting a trial of the Coretech Dashboard can simply email Dashboard at coretech.dk and request it.

Windows 10 Notes –

POSH to import new machine objects for imaging along with OSD Variables

For the longest time, i couldn't find a good way to quickly and easily import a machine in CM12 for imaging along with necessary OSD variables to properly image our servers/workstations.  Now that we have CM12 R2, a new cmdlet "New-CMDeviceVariable" is put to use!  Here's a POSH i put together for importing new machine(s) in CM12 along with OSD variables.   It reads the .CSV file you provide (will be prompted for the path and name for it) and import the machines that are in that file, line by line.  This script also detects which domain you're in so you can set certain variables for let's say working you're in Lab or in your Production environment.   Just crack this posh open and change necessary variables in there to match your settings.   Below is the script, along with a sample .csv with required formats.  





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