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I just blew $1K !!

Woke up this morning and had no idea that I'd be out $1K. Course, the good news is that it's because Rod Trent emailed me to tell me that I had won a free 5-day pass to TechMentor! My 1st thought was that I'd have to...

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SQL issues in CM12

I submitted this bug on Connect the other day: Both my CAS and primary have had this error repeat since install. No ill effects noticed, but I think we should know what causes it. Cannot insert duplicate key row in...

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CM12 - Day 53 in the lab

One thing I've been fighting is that some software updates aren't downloading. I'm working on that issue today. Some deploy, others have their last state saying they are downloading. I see that a folder is created in...

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CM12 - Day 52 in the lab

Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 404, status 'Not Found'GetDirectoryList_HTTP('$/f9ff6d98-1a01-437e-8728-f29cb8c71b13') failed with code 0x8004027e.Non-recoverable error retrieving...

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