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Medtronic - Sr. Desktop Engineer - 1 year contract - Mounds View

Position: Sr. Desktop Engineer
Location: Mounds view, MN
Duration: 1 year contract

Top Skills

  1. This position requires someone with SME (subject matter expert) level knowledge of desktop Operating System Deployment processes, Image Development, configuration and use of MDT, SCCM OSD, USMT, design and administration of Microsoft SCCM (all versions) in an enterprise, and SCCM based reporting. 
  2. The candidate should be familiar with proven expertise in all areas of Managed Desktop Services, including those mentioned above, along with Level 3 and 4 Support, and the ability to provide consulting advisory and technical delivery services for special projects related to these services. 
  3. Enterprise OS Migration experience
    Need some scripting experience**

The Senior IT Technologist develops automated solutions that manage This company’s population of desktop computer systems, keeping them secure, up-to-date, and installed with the proper user applications. As a member of the Client Platform Development team, this position not only requires expertise in the systems management vertical, but also the breadth to design solutions that integrate with the entire company’s technical architecture. This position requires automation skills within the SCCM platform consolidation. 


  • Define and implement best practices/standards for client software distribution. 
  • Develop and/or review all client technology solutions to ensure conformance to established standards. 
  • Identify, understand, and document all relevant components of client configuration management platforms. 
  • Provide technical & architecture advice to the integration teams. 
  • Serve as a project leader on small to moderate-sized technical projects. Prepare and execute plans and schedule resources. Estimate costs, project deliverables and completion dates. 
  • Work with and advise clients in areas assigned on project needs and design. 
  • Provide technical solutions to a wide range of difficult problems. Solutions are imaginative, thorough, and practicable, and consistent with organization objectives. 
  • Represent the organization in providing solutions to difficult technical issues associated with specific projects. 
  • Ensure that this company's systems and the information on them are protected in accordance with This company's Information Protection Policies and Standards, as well as best Information Protection practices. 


  • Bachelor's degree 


  • 5+ years of IT experience with B.A or B.S. 
  • 3+ years of IT experience with a M.A. or M.S. 


  • Four years’ experience with Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM2012): architecture, installation and upgrades, administration and operational usage. 
  • Three years’ experience with scripting languages (VBScript, PowerShell) for automation and SQL queries 
  • Expertise with Microsoft Windows client and server operating systems. 
  • Systems administration for client-facing platforms. 
  • Personal computing hardware and software architecture 
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills 
  • Collaboration and influencing skills 

Position Responsibilities: 

  • Develop, document & implement an automated process to identify and replicate SCCM data between the hierarchies; 
  • Develop, document & implement an automated process to pre-stage and build the SCCM Distribution Points; 
  • Develop, document & implement an automated process to migrate Windows clients to consolidated SCCM infrastructure; 
  • Develop, document & implement an automated process to merge content from the SCCM hierarchies to a single SCCM instance; 
  • Develop, document & implement an automated process to convert SCCM2012 classic packages to the new application model and deploy cross-forest; 
  • Develop scripts for automation of operational processes while running dual infrastructures.

Specialized Knowledge Required: 

  • Deep knowledge of SCCM2012 in HTTPS mode, CA’s and certificates 
  • Deep knowledge of SCCM data import, migration and updates 
  • Strong knowledge of both PowerShell and vbscript 
  • Strong knowledge of Active Directory Domains and Trusts 
  • Strong knowledge of DNS and WINS 
  • Strong knowledge of MS SQL and database query 
  • Experience with SCCM 2012 R2 SDK, ASP.NET, T-SQL, and SQL Server Reporting

Why work here?

When you talk with employees of the company, they will tell you first hand that working for a company that supports their mission is very rewarding, you feel that your input is making a positive impact. This company is also known to promote from within and encourage a healthy work/life balance.

Contact information

Matt Hoenk
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