MNSCUG August 2015 Meeting Notes

August 11th, 8:30am - 5:00pm @ the MTC in Edina.

Presenters - Cameron Fuller, Dieter Wijckmas, Jonathan Almquist and Nathan Foreman.

Monitor This, Don't Monitor That -

Join systemcenter central and myitforum.

Monitor this -

  1. Critical system reboots
  2. Certificates

To catch expirations before they happen. This usually happens after a set of certifications expire.

OpsMgr uses certificates. These need to be monitored as well or the gateways will fail.

  1. Security

Monitor the domain admins / schema admins / etc group membership etc.

Be careful to monitor DC CPU for lsass.exe. Watch only 1 event ID. Match a string in parameter 3.

Incorrectly configured monitor will crater a DC. The security logs have too much stuff to monitor inappropriately.

Don't collect all your security logs with opsMgr. Recipe for disaster.

  1. Operations Manager

Watch the local admin group

Watch what's in maintenance mode

Monitor the Monitor - OMS is free with your OpsMgr license.


  1. The Community - things are      changing on a daily basis. You need      help from the community to keep up.       Lots of good twitter feeds out there. Kevin Holman not on twitter, but follow his blog. At the very least, use      RSS to follow the bloggers.
  2. OpsMgr - Self Maintenance

Use Tao Yangs management pack. It does nothing by default. Only enable what you want / need. It's very well documented.

  1. Whatever is relevant to your      particular business.

Not to Monitor -

  1. Old Management Packs

Find up to date management packs published from MS.

See presentation slides for further details.

  1. Group Policy -

Monitors are manual reset. Causes the environment to go "red"

AD certificates monitors are all manual reset too.

  1. If you don't use it, don't monitor it.

i.e. are you monitor SharePoint but not using SharePoint? Why?

Bonus Tip - don't delete it if you don't know it inside and out.

Cameron Fuller - Monitor This, Don't Monitor That - Slide Deck

The rest of the presentation were awesome.  The notes on them are sparse however.  The slide decks are availble though.

Cameron Fuller - OMS - This presentation show cased a great over view of OMS features and capabilities.  He took a large amount of questions and we were lucky to have Tim Benjamin from Microsoft present who was also able to chime in with some OMS knowledge. 

Dieter Wijckmans - Intro Slide

Dieter presented remotely all the way from the Belgium.  He held a vote to determine what presenation he would be doing.

Dieter Wijckmans - Taking SCOM One Step Further - Slide Deck  (the presentation he did)

Dieter Wijckmans - So you have installed SCOM, Now What? - Slide Deck (the presentation that lost)

Notice the Minnesota flavor added to each deck.  Brilliant my friend, brilliant.


The Q & A session at the end was almost entirely focused on OpsMgr notifications!  Whomever wants to present on notification in the future should, there is a clear demand for it.


All in all, it was a great day for OpsMgr and MNSCUG.  Thank you to all who attended.


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