2013 Election Results for MNSCUG

We failed to announce the election results for MNSCUG offices in October. Here are the results and congratulations (and thanks) to the winners.

  • President: Steve Jesok
  • Vice President: Fred Bainbridge
  • Vice President: Nash Pherson
  • Assistant Board Member: Jonathan Engstrom (though we haven't heard from him this year!)

August 2014 MNSCUG Meeting - Notes

The August meeting was a great success!  Both presentation were fantastic.  A big thank you to Jonathan Almquist and Nathan Foreman!  Concurrencyprovided stellar food and drink as well.  Great times were had by all.  

Hereare the details and examples of Nathan's presentation on integration SCOM with a CMDB.

As a reminder, elections for MNSCUG board members is going to be held at the October meeting.  Must be present to run or vote.  Get involved, it's well worth it.  

Also, MMS is coming up!  Have you registered yet?  You should!



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