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Create ConfigMgr Powershell Configuration Items using Powershell

As part of a presentation for the 2019 Midwest Management Summit in Minneapolis, one of the sessions I'm presenting with Jeff Bolduan is Configuration Items.  As part of that session, we'll be demoing using a PowerShell Script to create PowerShell-based Configuration Item.
If you want to see how that works (at least it works in my lab) --> Here <-- is the script for creating a Configuration Item with multiple tests inside, where the CIs are posh-based detection, applicability, and remediation scripts.  For demo purposes, I grabbed the scripts from the blog --> about WSUS Administration/WSUSPool <-- settings enforcement via Configuration Items, and got them all working to be made into 1 Configuration Item, with multiple rules.
Hopefully for those of you who are looking to create your own re-producible PowerShell code for creating posh-based CIs, the attached example posh will give you an idea of how you might want to get that done.

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