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Inventory Per User Installed Applications, For Example, Click-Once

This routine has only had a limited life in a lab environment with only 3 clients.  Use at your own risk, etc. etc.  No promises or guarantees, and it might be the Worst Thing Ever.  Test, test, and test some more. 

What this routine would be for, is a custom powershell script, which tries to read what per-user installed things are installed, for the currently logged in user.  I tried in the lab to run it as a Baseline/Compliance Item... but one of the problems with it is that although running as 'SYSTEM', it wants to look at whatever user is currenly logged in.  As a Baseline, it won't 'wait for a user to logon' to run.  So depending upon when it runs, it might run and make an empty custom class with nothing to say, simply because the user is currently not logged on--even though they are logged on 8 hours a day, it just happened to run within the other 16 hours of that day.

So you, Super CM Admin that you are, you might want to forget about doing this as a baseline.  Instead make the powershell script as the only thing in the source folder for a package.  And then, make a old school/traditional Package, and program.  the program would run the script, "only when a user is logged on", but "with system rights".  and deploy the program to a collection.  If it were me... I'd set the advertisement to run on a schedule, like every 4 days or something.  Note I didn't test this at all in my lab.  I'm just offering this out there into the ether for (hopefully) someone else to take this and make it awesome and bulletproof. 

What the script does is create, and populate, a custom class. 

In the --> attached <-- is also a mof file.  You'd want to go to your console, Administration, Client Settings, Default Cient Settings, Hardware Inventory, set classes, and Import that mof file.  Once that is done, clients will be able to start reporting back on this information.



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