Blog Series: 30 days of Intune Trial, Part 3

Still no software in the software report.  I scrounged up a Windows 10 Home Tablet, and am trying to get that registered with Intune.  I can add the account, but on the client tablet when I go to "work access" for the account, and "Enroll in to device management" it tells me that

"System Policies prevent you from connecting to a work or school account.  Contact your support person for more information.  "

So I'm the support person I'm sure--so hmm... time to Bing and Google and see what is preventing me from actually enrolling a Windows 10 Home tablet; the BYOD scenario...

And Google-fu tells me that apparently one needs to be a local Administrator.  I thought I was; but I see that once I logged into my LiveID; the Windows 10 box decided I was a standard user, not an Admin locally on the box.  Had to promote that user to an Administrator, reboot, and then I could complete the enrollment.

Now the Company Portal actually shows me things.  Still nothing in the Software report.  But the box was just enrolled.  I'll have to check on it later. 

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