Blog series: 30 days of Intune Trial, Part 2

Day 2:

A nice Microsoft person contacted me directly, just to be sure I had everything I needed for this trial.  I told him yes; I'm just testing and getting familiar with it.  If I hit some horrid snag I'll just go ask in the CM forums.

The policy made yesterday for "configuration" was Android Policies; and it was targeted to a group that contained a test user, not a device grouping.

Downloaded the Company Portal on an Android phone (Samsung S4), signed in with the user account created yesterday; the one which deserves the Configuraton Policy.  That ConfigPolicy I made custom--with only 2 very easy-to-see settings. After signing in, and going through next/next/finish on the phone, confirmed the 2 changes were enforced.

Even with currently only 1 device--much of my work life is creating reports.  Over the years, I just got good at 'knowing' where in the database information was stored, and how best to extract it when parameters change.  So in, there's a reporting section.  Now that I have 1 thing to look at; time to start poking about.

Created a report for "all Devices, All publishers, All Categories".  This was created at least an hour after the device got policies, but there are zero results.  Is there something additional I need to configure?  Or does this only work for certain devices, and Android isn't one of these devices?  Or is that report only for Apps as deployed by Intune--which I haven't deployed any yet.

I do see the 1 device in the "Mobile Device Inventory Reports".  So maybe it's just time--I need to wait for the device to do an inventory and send it up. 

Since I can't see any software yet in reporting, just recording the portals that I've so far had to get to: -- Office 365 -- to create users and usergroups for Intune standalone to leverage -- the main Intune (at least how I think of Intune) portal.

Added another mobile device--this time a Galaxy Tab 4; I'm sure it'll get the policies just fine.  I'm more curious about what I see in reports.

Just some user experience stuff, when signing into the Company Portal, the "Activate Device Administrator" lists a lot of scary-sounding permissions; but that's only because I'm so used to Android devices being unmanaged/wide open.  But I've also become jaded to the 'permissions needed' on Android since the latest updates to the Android OS.  It's kind of like click "I agree" to those legal license notifications--you just don't read them anymore.

Well, I've waited about 3 hours since having those 2 devices get policies--and still nothing in "Detected Software Reports".  I'll let them hang out overnight--maybe that's a "every xx hours" thing or something, and I'm just too impatient. 

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