Blog series: 30 days of Intune Trial, Part 1

When Intune was beta, I tried a trial at the time--which was well over a year ago.  Since things change--including me--I decided to try another 30 day trial.

Back when I was looking at it over a year ago; my priority at the time was to see if it could be capable of 'fitting in' with the needs of managing a full 'pro' or 'business' version of Windows 8.  The mobile management pieces of it weren't that interesting to me; it wasn't part of the landscape for me at work, and quite honestly I didn't have personal devices to test with.  I still don't have a full range and scope of personal test devices; but tally-ho anyway!

Here's my new premise (subject to change of course--this is testing).
- Use Intune Standalone only, not hybrid to the home lab
- Get familiar with the console
- Reporting
- Policies
- Management: users or devices or combination

I know that Intune works--it clearly works fine.  It's my journey to understand how it works with my on-premise ConfigMgr background and knowledge.  I'm sure it'll be a learning curve for me.

Day 1:
Signed up for Intune 30 day trial, created the first username and password.
It asked me to sign in to, but it wasn't letting me login at first-- had to sign out of my real liveID, and then it told me the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. account didn't exist.
Then I just made a new IE tab; and pasted in -- and without asking for a password, logged me right in.  Seems a little odd; but I suppose that was due to the liveID.

There's an online walkthrough; it told me to create a new group, but any group name I tried said "failed to add group"
Call to b__9f was not permitted with the token|$$|ContextClass=AdHoc|$$|0=b__9f|$$|

Again, not very helpful.  But after much clicking around, found that wasn't the right place to add a group--apparently I need to do that over on; which is then available to be targeted by 'things' in  Seems like a lot of consoles to go to... but if I think of it in my "how does similar stuff work when on premise"--one has a console for AD users and computers, and the CM console, and other consoles--so having multiple consoles to do similar setup for Intune shouldn't surprise me.  Might also be because I *am* standalone testing, and not Azure AD / Hybrid testing.  That would be a different experience and work flow.

Created a test user; and was able to create a group, and explicitly add that test user to that group.
Created a very very basic Configuration policy for Android, and targeted that group.

End of day one... Summary:
Created 30 day trial, created a standard user, created a group with that user, created and deployed a policy to that group.

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