Configuration Manager 2012, the Client Reinstalls Daily

Symptoms: Clients reinstall the ConfigMgr Client on a daily basis, and it doesn't appear that any automated push, automated deployment, or technician is reinstallng the client. In the %windir%\ccmsetup log, the reinstall is successful (exit code of 0) but yet the client reinstalls over and over again, seemingly automatically.

Cause: At some point in time in the client's past, a scheduled task called "Configuration Manager Client Retry Task", was created on purpose to retry a failed client install. However, once the client was successfully installed, that scheduled task was not (for some reason), and is not, being removed. No matter how many times the client reinstalls successfully.

Fix: Manually, go look at scheduled tasks, and delete that task. Automatically, you can import the attached Configuration Item --> Here <--, and deploy it (by adding it to a Baseline, and deploying that Baseline with the checkbox to allow remediation) to find and remove the scheduled task.

This Configuration Item may not be the best answer for your environment; it's up to you to determine if this Configuration Item is required, and to which collection of machines you want to target.  One suggestion could be to create a collection of "clients with the latest version in your environment (whatever that is)". The theory being that if those clients have the latest version, if they are a healthy enough client to find the policy for this baseline deployment, and they are already the latest client version--why retry reinstalling the CM Client? It's clearly installed and working... so... the SchTask clearly isn't actually needed, if it's there.  Of course, YOU will need to remember to change the collection's query whenever your client version increments; so that you are targeting the correct clients; for your environment.

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