Repeated MIFs/min counter missing messages

Situation:  in dataldr.log, every second or so is the message "CounterThreadProc: MIFs/min counter missing"

Resolution:  I found this was already documented here, for ConfigMgr 2007:

There are some small changes to those instructions to make it applicable to ConfigMgr 2012.  But mostly I'm copying and pasting that information, so I wanted to be sure the original article was credited. I've highlighted the small changes below:

If you see this, no worries. Navigate to the (SCCMRoot)\bin\x64 folder, and type in the following command:

 perfsetup /install /siteserver:(SCCM Server Name) SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER .

(that trailing period is important).  Monitor (SCCMRoot)\Logs\PerfSetup.log to confirm it exited with a success code of 0.

Once you're finished, you can go to the Service Manager and restart the thread, or if you're lazy, just restart the server. The messages that keep appearing every second should stop.

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