POSH to remove Expired and/or Superseded Udpates from a CM12 Software Update Group

Up to this date, there’s still not a CM12 cmdlet that would help remove updates from Software Update Groups.   It makes it cumbersome on the monthly basis to remove the expired and superseded from these groups… Just a lot of clicking! :) Here’s a PowerShell code that I threw together to try to reduce the my mouse clicks every patch cycle :).   This code will prompt you for which you'd like to process or remove from the given group, E for expired or S for superseded.   I suppose i could add that as another parameter, but then it'd be too much typing :).   Alright, I’m fairly new to POSH, so don’t judge!

Usage :  Remove-ExpAndSuperseded.ps1 <CAS Server Name> <sitecode> '<Target SUP Group>'


Updated: 7/8/2014


CMCB, PowerShell

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