PS - I Love You

I'm no scripter by any means, but I sure know when they're nice to use vs. the CM console.  Here are some PowerShell scripts I'll demo at the AZ User Group.  One is for flipping all of my deployments from an empty collection (which my ADRs are set to target) to pilot, one from pilot to production, and one to flip back to empty.  Because I need lots of ADRs to download all the updates each month (blasted ADR filters!), I have lots of deployments created and they take forever to flip in the console and I could easily miss one.  So the scripts do it and work fast.  Note that there is probably some cooler way to write these, but who cares so long as it works.  The key to PowerShell is to get the job done.  I'm sure I'll get better with time.  Greg Ramsey got me going with these.

The other scripts I'm going to show were written by my teammate, Jeff Carreon.  He took my build doc for CM12 RTM on Server R2\SQL R2 and turned it all into PS.  Edit as needed for your own use.

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