CM07 and SQL12: Pull the Triggers!

Yes, pull the trigger on installing SQL12 if you have CM07 as it's supported, but what I'm talking about pulling here are two useless triggers in your CM07 database; even if you didn't go to SQL12 yet.

What am I talking about? There are two redundant triggers in the CM07 database which I have disabled.

Add_Remove_Programs_64_ and dd_Remove_Programs_64_ do the exact same thing.
Virtual_Application_Packages_DATA_ins and _Application_Packages_DATA_ins do the exact same thing.

If you install KB2676776 it rewrites many things in the DB so that SQL12 doesn't choke on old syntax, but these 2 triggers don't get rewritten.

You could just delete them. And if you do, the cool thing is that the weekly indexing task (hopefully you have enabled that) will rewrite them using clean code that SQL12 doesn't hate. But because these triggers are just duplicates and the work is already being done, you might just as well disable them. I can't say if you'll see a performance boost or not (because it does seem to be a duplication of work).

My PFEs told me it was OK to go ahead and disable these until the day the CM team addresses them. To disable, just right click and choose disable. Yes, by all means, test in a lab 1st. So I last month, I disabled dd_Remove_Programs_64_ and _Application_Packages_DATA_ins and our logs have been error free.

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