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Report User Role

One of the security roles in CM12 I see asked for a lot that isn't there is one for reporting.

CM12 actually grants admins access to the reports they need quite well (software update admins get to see software update reports, for example). But some folks just don't want things that locked down. If you' re looking to grant domain users access to all of your SRS reports, it would be nice to have a Report User role.

One way to make your own is to clone the Read-only Analyst role. Then go in and remove all permissions but the reporting ones. (This prevents them from getting console access or other things they don't need). But this is rather time consuming to uncheck everything.

Instead, you can just download this zip file, extract it, and import it (Administration\Security\Security Roles - right click and select import).

Update: If you wish to grant users permission to run reports out of the console (I don't recommend this for the Reporting User role created above as they just don't need console access) the docs say to grant site read. That might not be enough.

If your report node looks empty for your admins, have them go look at Administrator\Site Configuration\Sites and if they don't see your sites there, your users will need their scope added. From your own console where you can see these sites, right click your sites and add any scopes you've created for other admins. It's probably set only for default which you wouldn't be granting to other admins.

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