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IT/Dev 2014 Higlights

Here are my highlights from IT/Dev last week…


Kent and Johan's PreCon on ConfigMgr: Touched on a number of handy tips and tricks.  Links to all the goodies at located here.


CM Database still one file?: Ah poo, I setup my SQL database and it has all the data in one file.  Now what?  John Nelson has a blog post on correcting this and distributing your data into 4 files.


WSUS DB Cleanup: Kent covered the value of keeping the SUSDB clean for optimal query performance and minimal client data download when syncing the update catalog to the client.


Optimize Those Databases:  Steve Thompson discussed common pitfalls of the database maintenance tasks for CM.  Bottom line, don't trust the built in process.  More on his blog post here,


Microsoft One:  Mary Jo Foley discussed Microsoft's current business strategies.  On premise, clouds, AD, phone, .Net, and many others were discussed along with questions from the audience.  Follow her perspectives here:


Mimikatz:  How secure are your windows systems?  Try Mimikatz to understand what the bad guys can see when they get in by using this tool to help you identify security gaps:


SQL Query Superstardom for Beginners:  A fantastic introduction to the do's and don'ts for the 'accidental' DBAs that we can me have become as System Center admins.  What is sargable anyway?  (There is also a great presentation on indexing strategies)  Find out here.


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