MNSCUG Configuration Manager Trainings

Starting Tuesday, August 1st, 2017, Matthew Teegarden, MNSCUG member and former Benchmark instructor, will begin a series of Configuration Manager trainings via Skype Online.

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How often will these trainings occur?

They will be twice a month on Tuesdays. Newsletter notifications will be sent out two weeks in advance with exact dates and topics.

Are these trainings accredited or can they be used towards certifications?

No, while Matthew is a certified instructor, the training will not be accredited, but merely a structured knowledge transfer.

Will lab environments be provided/required?

No, lab environments will be neither provided nor required. If you have your own lab environment you would like to follow along with, that is great, but not necessary. 

Should I attend every session?

Attend whichever sessions you believe will be helpful to you. They will be broken out by topic. Topics will be communicated via the MNSCUG website along with a mailer to a special training distribution list two weeks prior to each training. 

How do I join this training distribution list?

On the MNSCUG website, register as a user if you haven't, logon, and choose to subscribe to the training email list..

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