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Orchestrator is great for many things (I use it all the time to automate my own tasks), but when it comes to reporting on your servers, runbooks, and activities you more often than not need to write your own reports or use the SQL queries to generate them manually. This collection of reports was put together to help me spot check the health of my servers and identify usage and failure patterns easier. The reports are based on a number of common Orchestrator SQL queries you find used to gather differents bits of information, this is simply an attempt to put more of those bits in one place. Once you have the reports setup you can configure a subscription to the 24 Hour Summary report, and you are off and running. The installation steps are included in the zip located here. (


Follow these steps to configure these reports.

1. Extract the Zip file locally.
2. Create a folder in SSRS to host the reports. (Typically /Orchestrator/<ServerName> to accommodate multiple Orchestrator servers.
3. Create a data source named 'SCOrch' in the folder and point it at your Orchestrator environment.
4. Upload the report files to the directory.
5. Start with the 24 Hour Summary Report to view the status of your environment.

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Available for download here:

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